Sun. 2 [2 March 1902] Misty early but cleared into a perfect day. The Van Heemstras and her brother Mr Whittall turned up, nice people, and we walked up to the tumulus. They were still clearing away the sides, so we determined to come back and fetch our lunch and watch proceedings. So we Mrs VL [Van Lennep] M. Bari and the Heemstra party walked back - they not to return. We packed up lunch and returned. Very merry picnic after which we watched the men work. At about {41/2} 5 metres we came to a layer of very big stones, below (we dug down to 51/2 half metres) was earth with small stones. We dug along the trench but found nothing. Came home soon after 5 and met the Heemstras who returned and came in to tea. A little blue iris and narcissus grow about the tumulus hill. All the people go about with a sprig of narcissus or hyacinth stuck in their caps.

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