Mon 8. [8 April 1907] Pouring. Packed and sent off luggage. Went to d'Andrea about the carpets and to the Museum where I made the acquaintance of M. Weber, a friend of Ramsay's. He knew who I was. They have a fragment like the Selefke [Silifke (Seleucia)] sarcoph. group. Perhaps not a sarcoph. One figure in a niche, architec. ornament much worn. Next it apparently an oblong low object. A beautiful fragment, female, headless, a statuette and a lovely headless statue more than life size. Lots of stele, the banquet sort mainly. Some good heads. So to the Cumberbatches and the station. Talked to Mr Barfield. Mr van Lennep arrived. Agony about my luggage and so off. Rained till we got within half an hour of Develikeui. Rode up the familiar muddy tract. Found Mrs van L. Eveline, and Willie came in later. Walked out and saw poor Nellie. Delicious evening. Everything most lovely.

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