Thursday March 25. [25 March 1909] Off to Khethar [Ukhaydir] [Arabic characters] 3 hours from Shefatheh [Shithathah]. We joined Mr Watts on the way. The size and splendour of the place were a revelation and at once decided that I must plan it. Lunched with Mr Watts and then set to work. He gave me the measurements. The castle is inhabited by some people from Jof [Jawf, Al (Al Jauf)] Ali ibn Bhania[?] and his brothers Ma'ashi, Mubarak and two others. They have left Jof because the Za'ilu with the govt of ibn Rashid and wanted to live under the Turks. Fahd Beg gave them permission to come to Heithar[?] and they seem to be on good terms with the Amarat but they have applied for amr from the govt and have not yet got it. I did not care much for the sheikh but Ma'ashi was my great ally. They wish to trade in camels and horses from the interior. At tea time Fattuh announced that he intended to go to Al Hussein and fetch the caravan. We arranged for a guide one Ghamin[?], sent in the two baggage animals we had taken from Shefatheh, one of my soldiers and one of Mr Watts' and at 7.30 they left under the moon. They got in at 4AM. I dined with Mr Watts.

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