Album K 1909 - Iraq

Date taken: March 1909
Photographer: Gertrude Bell
Location: Ukheidir - Iraq
Modern location: Ukhaydir
Size: 29.7/8.6 - Panorama
Condition: Good
Subject date: 750-800
Description: Khedir from NE [Palace - general view of exterior, Gertrude Bell's camp nearby. "We came to the most wonderful building I had ever seen. It is an enormous castle, fortress, palace - what you will - 155 metres x 170 metres, the immense outer walls set all along with round towers and about a third of the inside filled with court after court of beautiful rooms vaulted and domed, covered with exquisite plaster decorations, underground chambers, overhead chambers, some built with columns, some set round with niches, in short the most undreamt of example of the finest Sassanian art that ever was. It is not even on the map, it has never been published."]

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