Album S 1911 - Turkey

Date taken: May 1911
Photographer: Gertrude Bell
Location: Hassan Kef - Turkey
Modern location: Hasankeyf
Size: 16.3/10.7
Condition: Good
Subject date:
Description: Tigris crossing [Gertrude Bell's caravan crossing Tigris River. Piers of bridge in background. "The landing place on the opposite side was nearly a quarter of a mile below the bridge - it looked a very long way off and the rush of the water against the piers of the bridge was anything but encouraging....we tied two of them [horses] to the raft, which was loaded with the pack saddles and drove the rest in again. They, seeing the raft swirling down the streams, and two of their companions with it, swam after it, all but two who again were swept back to our bank....I shall long remember the rather too exhilarating sensations of that ferrying, the raft darting down the flood and the two horses panting and groaning in the water beside it"]

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